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The “banner” is the photo at the top of my blog page, which you can only see if you connect directly to the blog through the internet, like here. The banner, usually a detail from a larger photo, will change from time to time. I’ll show you the larger photo and offer a bit of explanation in these posts, “About the banner”. If you’re on the blog web page, you can also click “Banner” in the Categories box at the right to find the banner photo posts.

I took this photo on a winter trip to New Orleans, stopping by one of the old above-ground cemetaries that are famous in the city. I like the flowers in the foreground which speak to me of life in the midst of death.

The tombs are actually mini-mausoleums for families. These cemetaries are sometimes called “Cities of the Dead” because the tombs resemble small homes, some quite large and elaborate. Some are surrounded by wrought iron fences and winding “streets”.

Burials in the old cemetaries were done above ground because the water table is high in this below-sea-level city, and a sealed, air-filled casket would pop up after the first good rainfall. Not a pretty thought. My grandfather is buried in a similar cemetary.

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