Day One


Today was my first day at work at Olmsted Community Church.  I have so many thoughts in my head that, ordinarily, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  But I’m so tired tonight that I shouldn’t have any trouble at all.  I think it’s mental weariness from the long anticipation of this start date, and I’m glad day one is behind me now.  I have such a positive feeling that OCC is God’s match for this part of my life, and that great things are in store.

Staff members and a few drop-in visitors made me feel very welcomed today.   Roger, head of the Trustees, gave me a full tour all the way up to the church spire. His wife, JoAnn, helped coordinate the wedding rehearsal we did this evening.  A great couple…with lots of enthusiasm for the church.  My sermon didn’t get written as I had hoped, but there’s always Saturday!

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Photographer, writer, proud dad, and UCC pastor.
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5 Responses to Day One

  1. Richard says:

    I can extend the prelude if you need some additional writing time : )

  2. Skip and Roseanne says:

    Congratulations, Ron, on getting throughyour first days on the job. I’m sure that your sermon was completed in good time and wowed the congregation.

    Skip and Roseanne

  3. Bruce says:

    Welcome, Ron! I’m glad to have you on board. I look forward to working with you at OCC.


  4. Bobbi says:

    Rev. Ron – Welcome to OCC. I enjoyed the up close chance to meet you on Tuesday. The more personal things that you shared with us were very beneficial in getting to know you and be comfortable with you. Love your website, photos, and blog. Maybe you will inspire me to do something similar one of these days.

    Richard – Loved your comment about extending the prelude. Very clever. Be well.

  5. Pat says:

    Rev. Ron,
    What an awesome website. It took you coming to OCC to get me out from under the rock, go to the local library, and get on line so I could share in the good news of your Pastor’s Blog, the beautiful photographs, and the new weekly OCC letter to the congregation. Welcome and God Bless You.

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