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Since I mentioned I like to travel, I’ve had several people asking what are some of my favorite places. This is one. It’s the lower chapel of a church called Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Here’s some history, if you’re interested. The … Continue reading

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God’s inbox

Having preached on The Lord’s Prayer yesterday, I found this funny picture today and had to share it. Prayer is simply the communication in a relationship with God. Do we really think about what we’re asking? Are our prayers a … Continue reading

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101 things about me (part deux)

Travel is a great joy for me…seeing God’s world opens my eyes to the differences and commonalities among people and cultures. I have been privileged to visit fourteen different countries or territories. Some more than once. I think Ohio sweet … Continue reading

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Calming down

I get caught up sometimes in the frantic pace of life. So much to do, so little time to do it all! My friend Leo at the ZenHabits blog offers up some great advice on calming down the frenetic life … Continue reading

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About the banner

The banner photo on the main blog page is a cropped photo of paper lanterns painted by the children of Vacation Bible School, July 2007.  Arts and crafts are a big part of VBS, and I enjoy seeing the children … Continue reading

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Their faces tell the story

Vacation Bible School had a great lift-off today. Can you tell that the kids were enjoying themselves, even while they were learning about scripture and prayer? More photos, click HERE.

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He’s got the moves

Any Stephen Colbert fans out there? His show “The Colbert Report” gives me a late-night laugh with very tongue-in-cheek (often silly) humor. Who knew that he was a liturgical dancer? Watch here on YouTube.

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101 things about me (part one)

I was born at an Army hospital in Washington state. My father was stationed there during his service days at the end of the Korean conflict. My favorite hymn is “How Firm a Foundation”. The words tell of God’s promise … Continue reading

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Dealing with cancer

He went to the hospital on Monday after losing feeling on his left side and a strangeness to his speech. Mom was initially worried that it might be a light stroke, since the symptoms seemed to match up. But several … Continue reading

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You can’t be arrested on July fourth

My brother Gary sent me a message today, July 5th, saying “I guess you missed your chance.” An article he attached from the Mount Vernon News says that under Ohio law, you can’t be arrested on the fourth of July. … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth!

  This flag flies in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. [from my photo pages at flickr]  

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