You can’t be arrested on July fourth

My brother Gary sent me a message today, July 5th, saying “I guess you missed your chance.” An article he attached from the Mount Vernon News says that under Ohio law, you can’t be arrested on the fourth of July. It’s an obscure law that remains on the books from 1953. But the law also says you can’t be arrested in Ohio on Sundays. Or on the way to or from church. Which pretty much leaves me open.

Of course, there are exceptions. Little things like felonies or treason could still land me in the slammer. I guess I’ll avoid those.

Martin Luther, the great German theologian and rabble-rouser, told people to “sin boldly”. He also talked about praying boldly and “believing and rejoicing in Christ even more boldly”. I guess the trick is to find that balance between the law and the Gospel. Both can give us freedom, but freedom within the bounds of responsibility works best for us and for society.

Is it possible I could drive 80 mph on I-480 on the way to church next Sunday and not get ticketed? I’m not sure I’ll chance it. But watch out next July 4.  😉

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