Dealing with cancer


He went to the hospital on Monday after losing feeling on his left side and a strangeness to his speech. Mom was initially worried that it might be a light stroke, since the symptoms seemed to match up. But several days of testing turned up a growth in my Dad’s brain and further involvement of the lung and liver. Cancer is scary, but my Dad is a man of faith and determination and is ready to fight. We should have full test results by Tuesday, and the doctors will be putting together a treatment game plan early in the week. They’re talking about using the big tools from the oncologist’s toolbox, both radiation and chemotherapy. Dad’s feeling good and is at home right now. I’ll be most grateful for your prayers for papa Chuck and mama Rose.

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Photographer, writer, proud dad, and UCC pastor.
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2 Responses to Dealing with cancer

  1. Bobbi says:

    Rev. Ron –
    I have thought much about what you and your family are going through. I feel sad for you because of the unfortunate timing of hearing this news so soon after accepting the big responsibility that you have taken. On the flip side, you have a whole new group of people helping with prayers. Yes, those are two of the big tools in the oncologist’s tool box, and with a good attitude and lots of prayer and a little help from God, they just might do the trick. As a cancer survivor of 10.5 years now, I will pray all the harder for your Dad and your Mom and you! May God shower all of you with love and comfort and hope and healing.

  2. Laura says:

    I am so sorry to hear this difficult news. I will surely keep your father and you and your family in my prayers. May you be blessed with strength and comfort and unexpected joy in the days ahead.