Calming down

Lorain Harbor at dusk

I get caught up sometimes in the frantic pace of life. So much to do, so little time to do it all! My friend Leo at the ZenHabits blog offers up some great advice on calming down the frenetic life by establishing some healthy routines.

I try to preserve some quiet time for myself each day, but it’s not easy when life seems to be whizzing by at breakneck speed. Spending time with my Dad in the hospital this week reminded me how fragile life can be. I guess I owe it to myself and those I love to calm the pace and savor the quiet moments. What are your ways of reducing stress?


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2 Responses to Calming down

  1. Skip says:

    Ain’t it da truth!
    Roseanne and I have been taking long walks at night after work. We gave up watching television for the most part some time ago, and the evenings have been great for walking and talking.
    (Bonus: On these walks, we are also able to check out recently installed driveways and landscape ideas, both of which we are planning!)

  2. Scott Owitz says:

    Hi Ron, welcome to my old church. Far in person but close in soul. I became a Christian in that church and survived some tough times in life there. I hope you find OCC as important to your self as I did. Many friends still there. Carol Jones, Gordon and Grace Hall just to name a few. I’m afraid I’ve strayed a bit as now I am catholic, but I like to think I’m a better christian than a catholic 🙂 I was a parishoner from about 1976 to 1983. Lot’s of great Ken Halstead sermons, Gary Halstead musical plays, and potluck dinners there. Don’t forget the annual hoagie sale. Youth fellowship and youth choir…all parts of me now. I worked at Pilgrim hills for two years before going through nursing school, a blessing for me, a help up from Gordon and Grace Hall. I now have a Masters and work as a nurse practitioner, a ministry that I have always been called to serve. Well, this rambles a bit, welcome to OCC and the OF family. Scott Owitz, NP