Since I mentioned I like to travel, I’ve had several people asking what are some of my favorite places. This is one. It’s the lower chapel of a church called Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. Here’s some history, if you’re interested. The architecture is amazing, and the colors of the Gothic ceiling are brilliant, even after 750 years. This lower chapel is where the King of France’s servants would worship.

Actually, the Upper Chapel is even more breathtaking, with tall stained glass windows that defy description. With their depictions of Biblical events, the windows tell the Gospel story in ways that words cannot.

The whole church is tucked away inside the French government buildings (Department of Justice), still in use. The buildings were part of the royal palace in the 1200s. Paris is a wonderful city, rich with history and culture–rather like a jewelry box full of treasures. Sainte-Chapelle is a sparkly little gem within.

[photo by Nino H]

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