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Beignets, cafe’ au lait and chocolate milk. Staples in New Orleans. They’re found mainly at the Cafe’ du Monde coffeeshop in the French Quarter, located along the banks of the Mississippi River. It’s an outdoor seating area that’s open 24 … Continue reading

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When the waters rushed in

Hurricane Katrina was over and I was relieved. I’d been glued to CNN and the Weather Channel for days, fearful of heavy damage to the Gulf Coast. The eye had passed through my parents’ hometown of Slidell, Louisiana and, by … Continue reading

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When our ideas about God differ

Gordon Atkinson, a Baptist pastor whose writings I greatly admire for their honesty and clarity, has posted an excellent article “Fighting Over the New Testament” on his blog, Real Live Preacher. He writes here in an easy-to-read way about the … Continue reading

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101 things about me (part three)

I have never played golf, but sometimes think I might like it. My favorite foods are seafoods: crabs, shrimp, crawfish, catfish, lobster and scallops. I am one of the Baby Boomer generation, born in 1956. I love preaching. It’s an … Continue reading

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It’s God’s Earth; we’re merely caretakers.

That’s the reason Christians should be active environmentalists. In some cases, good stewardship of the earth can also mean real cost savings too. A Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) can save $30-$100 in energy costs over the life of the bulb. … Continue reading

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For Dad: They’re ripe and ready for you

Sliced tomatoes on white bread with a little mayo, salt & fresh ground pepper. Makes quite a sandwich. That’s what my Dad has enjoyed on his visits to my house when the backyard bounty was ripe as it is now. … Continue reading

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Need a bigger barn?

With this week’s lectionary reading about the “rich fool who built bigger barns” in mind, I share this post from the Frugalist website, which offers 147 tips for better, healthier living. There are some notable suggestions for financial health too. … Continue reading

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Where do we fit?

On a map outlining the world’s religions, Protestant Christians are a mere 5.6% of the planet’s population. Sometimes we act as though the world revolves around us, but this visually shakes up that notion. Click the map to enlarge. [via … Continue reading

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[via The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus]

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