Need a bigger barn?

Barn near Litchfield OH

With this week’s lectionary reading about the “rich fool who built bigger barns” in mind, I share this post from the Frugalist website, which offers 147 tips for better, healthier living. There are some notable suggestions for financial health too.

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, said we should earn all we can and save all we can, so that we can give all we can. His “saving” referred to conservative spending, rather than a hoarding of money.

[via Frugalist]

[photo from my Flickr site]

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  1. Bobbi says:

    Rev. Ron –

    Your blog page is a ministry all to itself. I totally enjoy your articles, and your beautiful photography which adds so much more.
    I also like how you are following up the Tuesday study and the weekend services with a blog entry. Icing on the cake!

    Hope things are going well at home.

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