For Dad: They’re ripe and ready for you

The Spoils of Summer

Sliced tomatoes on white bread with a little mayo, salt & fresh ground pepper. Makes quite a sandwich. That’s what my Dad has enjoyed on his visits to my house when the backyard bounty was ripe as it is now. I called him at the hospital today, and Mom put the phone by his ear. The tomatoes, Dad, are ready for you.

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One Response to For Dad: They’re ripe and ready for you

  1. Bobbi says:

    More tear-jerking things from you! I have been praying for lots of God’s love and strength and comfort for your whole family. I still feel sad about the timing of this for you.

    I’m sure you’ve read it, but the Saturday page from the current Upper Room was very timely.

    As always, your photos are extremely good and so interesting.

    May God bless all of you…