From Sunday’s sermon:

The disciples say, “Give us more faith.” They are asking Jesus to help strengthen their belief in what God can do through them and for them. And Jesus gives an interesting reply, “If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could uproot a tree and plant it in the sea.” That “if” is the kind of “if” that says… “and you do”. Like this: “If you had faith the size of a mustard seed (and you do)…use it to do great things.” The little seed of faith within us is enough to do great things.

I drove up to the church one morning this week and I noticed that Mike C. had changed the church sign. I don’t know what inspired him, but…did you notice?…it’s a single word. Two letters. I-F. “IF”. That’s all it says! I first thought he hadn’t finished. But it made me stop and think; it hung with me for a while. What does it mean? IF what? IF who? What IF? And I told staff in the office that it was the best church sign ever! I love it, and I think it was divinely inspired. It’s an IF from Jesus. It’s a hopeful, optimistic “if”. And Jesus gives us another IF today…”if you have faith the size of a tiny mustard seed”…and it’s an IF that adds, “…and you do.”

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