Caring for God’s green earth

red berries

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it;

for God founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the waters. –Psalm 24

Today is Blog Action Day, and bloggers around the world are posting information about environmental issues. How about we simply celebrate the beautiful world that God has created, and pledge to do better in keeping God’s creation clean and ready for future generations? After all, it’s a gift given for us to enjoy and to manage. Taking care of God’s green earth is part of the stewardship of resources we’re responsible for. Frankly, our record as Christians hasn’t been too good throughout history. Join me in recycling more, consuming less, and giving thanks more frequently.

  • Do you know how much your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions? There’s an interesting calculator at The Nature Conservancy site.
  • If you want specific information about how to be a better steward, see the extensive list of suggestions at Treehugger.

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