Will your TV work in 2009?


The federal government has decreed that broadcasters begin ‘casting with a digital signal in 2009. Many older television sets are analog-only, meaning that they will need a converter to process the digital signal, much like the box that cable companies charge for when you order digital cable service. Newer sets that are digital-ready will not need the converter.

To ease the burden of purchasing converters for older sets, the gov will be distributing coupons for free (or discounted) converters early this year (February or March, according to their website). The coupons are said to be valued at $40 each. It’s our tax dollars at work. Each household may apply for one or two converters, which you would then “purchase” at a local store (not yet listed).

I applied for two coupons today. I’m thinking it’s better stewardship to keep an older TV working longer than to trash it for a new digital model, though (sigh) those flat screen babies look mighty nice.

Online application and general information here.

Or call 1-888-DTV-2009.

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One Response to Will your TV work in 2009?

  1. Skip says:

    Why should 2009 be any different? My TV hasn’t worked since 2005!
    As my daughter Nicole says (and she’s right, if a little hyperbolic), “TV is the devil!” Not that she has any moral objections to television — hey, she’s an actor, after all — but she discovered so much time to DO things when she didn’t have a television set. The only show I tried to watch every week was LAW AND ORDER, but I found I didn’t even miss that once I got out of the habit.