Update on TV converters

I’ve learned that if you subscribe to cable, your older TV will work just fine.  Apparently the cable companies convert the signal for you, and you won’t need a digital converter.  About the only folks who will need the converter are those who receive television through rabbit ears or rooftop antennae.  And, though I shouldn’t make assumptions, if that’s you, you’re probably not reading this blog.  So, I have two coupons coming…for nothing.  If you need one, let me know. Umm…but you’re probably not reading this blog.

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One Response to Update on TV converters

  1. Annie says:

    Assumptions can often be wrong… I happily do not have cable on my 13″ 15+ year old tv, and yet I am reading this blog. Of course I don’t watch network tv either, so no need for a converter here.