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Prayers for a kitty named Sam

Pastor Thom Shuman, a Presbyterian from Cincinnati, writes beautifully in response to this question: “Is it inappropriate to ask for prayers for my kitty?” the email read. At one point in my ministerial life, I probably would have answered in … Continue reading

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Snow days

  Teachers and students huddled around TV sets in the early morning hours the past two days, hoping and praying their school system had called a snow day. For Olmsted Falls schools, there were two in a row. The church … Continue reading

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4 mal D hide

The U.S. Government, through FEMA, admitted this week that the travel trailers in which they housed thousands (millions?) who lost homes during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita are toxic with formaldehyde. People who have lived in them–even for short periods of … Continue reading

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When instant isn’t fast enough

When I was young, my aunt took family pictures with her special camera. Polaroid cameras provided an instant picture. Pop a flashbulb on top, look through the little viewfinder, and push the button. No focusing, no finishing the roll, no … Continue reading

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From the furnace of the stars

I’ve never really understood the standoff between conservative Christian faith and science. I have no problem reconciling my faith with the findings that science brings; in fact, I see them as mutually helpful. Where science tells me how things work, … Continue reading

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