Prayers for a kitty named Sam

Pastor Thom Shuman, a Presbyterian from Cincinnati, writes beautifully in response to this question:

“Is it inappropriate to ask for prayers for my kitty?” the email read.

At one point in my ministerial life, I probably would have answered in the affirmative. After all (I thought back then), God has too many things to worry about – important things like human suffering, like wars, like poverty, like hunger. All those abstract sorts of things that we convince ourselves are the sole focus God and God’s interests.

But I’ve traveled too many miles down that road called discipleship, I’ve spent too many hours reading that strange book called the Bible, I’ve had Jesus by my side too long with all his stories, his comments, his whispers in my ears to think that way any more…

See his complete post here.

[via Occasional Sightings of the Gospel]

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