They shouldn’t surprise me,

…these late winter snows. But glancing out my office window yesterday, I was shocked—shocked, I tell you—to see big, fat, heavy flakes coming down. It was snowing like crazy for most of the afternoon and evening. The trees in the park and around the church looked like they’d been dunked in the same white icing stuff that Frosted Mini Wheats are dunked in. Why should I be shocked, having lived in this climate for a dozen years now?

Perhaps it’s all the talk I’ve been hearing from those who are going south for a spring break or “business” in the coming weeks. I have a trip to Louisiana to look forward to, but it’s just far enough beyond reach to not let my mind linger there just yet. So, like many others from northern Ohio, I, too, will abandon ship in search of early spring sunshine. I hope I can remember what it looks like.

OCC, Holy Week 2008

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One Response to They shouldn’t surprise me,

  1. Jill says:

    What a beautiful picture!!!