A word cloud for Olmsted Community Church

I created a word cloud for OCC, using words to create art that expresses a sense of our congregation. You can see a larger version by clicking on the image below.  If you read this post via email,  click here to see the original post on the Potluck blog site.  What other words would you add to the OCC word cloud?

[via Wordle.net]

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Photographer, writer, proud dad, and UCC pastor.
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3 Responses to A word cloud for Olmsted Community Church

  1. Bobbi says:

    Rev. Ron –

    I love this word cloud!!! Too cool. Of course with the book just days away, the first word I looked for was “Joy”. Didn’t find that, but “Joyful” is close enough. Is “fellowship” there, but I’m just not seeing it?

    Too fun!

  2. Ron Dauphin says:

    Hey Bobbi,
    I knew you’d like this. “Joy” and “fellowship” should be on version 1.2!

  3. Bobbi says:

    I did find “fellowship”. Should have known you would have thought of everything.

    I made one with family names, but it doesn’t have the personality that your’s has. When I see you, you’ll have to tell me how you got different sized print and things like a word inside the big O.

    Would it be OK if we put this in the JOY book and CD?

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