Hurricane update

I’m most grateful for the generous prayers for my family during the recent approach of Hurricane Gustav. We’re all happy that it did not slam ashore as predicted and instead rolled into southern Louisiana southwest of New Orleans.  My brother Gary’s home, closest to the eye, is reported to have sustained no wind or water damage.  Residents there are not allowed back home until Friday due to loss of power, water and sewage treatment.  

My sister Tammy’s home was without power for several days. On her return this morning, she found the refrigerator/freezer had leaked, ruining her oak kitchen floor.  It is minimal damage, though power may not return for another “four to fourteen days”.

My mother’s house in Slidell sustained damage from a tree limb which fell through her roof.  The heavy rains soaked the ceiling, which then collapsed in the living room.  Again, minimal damage there.  The rest of the house is fine.   We’re making contacts to get the limb removed and the roof covered, as rains are expected to continue for several days.  

If Hurricane Ike approaches the Gulf of Mexico, I’ll be soliciting your prayers once more.  Meanwhile, we hope and pray there are minimal losses from Hanna headed toward the East coast.

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One Response to Hurricane update

  1. Bobbi says:

    Rev. Ron –

    Your Mother must be truly an amazing person. What you describe as minimal damage would be enough to really challenge me. And this is what…the third time…that her home has been damaged or destroyed by a hurricane?

    I respect her very much. Glad the others got away fairly well.

    Will keep praying for lessened blows by Hanna, Ike, and Josephine.