Blog Action Day, 2008: Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day, and blog writers around the world are asked to address issues related to poverty this year.  It can seem like an insurmountable problem to tackle, but the Christian’s first response might be prayer.  Personal involvement certainly makes a difference, and Christ did teach us (by words and by example) to care for those in need.  So add prayers to your grocery list and pray for others while you purchase food for your local food pantry, which you can drop off at your local church.

Here’s a helpful prayer from the United Church of Christ website:

God, who has special concern and affection for the poor, may the poor who are among us receive grace, mercy and good news during these times of economic insecurity.  Lord, you have blessed us with the opportunity to participate in public dialogue about the common good.  We ask that you also bless us with wisdom as we fulfill our responsibility to participate in its decision-making processes.  Guide our thinking, strengthen our voices, and give us courage to work for a society that is pleasing to you–one where all people and your entire creation enjoy fullness of life that you intend for your world.  Amen.

Poverty can be reduced by effective governance, too.  In this election season, we should make ourselves aware of the policies and plans of the Presidential candidates in addressing the needs of those who live in poverty at home.  For more information about the issues of poverty and how they related to this election year, download this election briefing from the UCC.

For a more global perspective, I’ve respected the work of Oxfam International.  You’ll find some good resources available here.

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