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My camera has been gathering dust lately.  I don’t have as much energy for outdoor photos when there’s a foot of snow to trudge through.  So I started experimenting with some new techniques in processing, including something called “tilt-shift”.   On … Continue reading

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Ads that move me

In this season of “best of” and award shows, there are two television commercials that really stand out for me.  To me, it’s advertising at its best. One, an ad for the Discovery Channel that celebrates life with a song … Continue reading

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A call to repentance

Repentence is one of those churchy words that has an unwarranted negative connotation.  It’s really a very positive thing that brings helpful changes to life, and it means turning around or changing direction.  Reverend Roger Talbott, a good friend from … Continue reading

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Organizing myself

I find it hard to stay focused sometimes.  This is nothing new. My 2nd grade teacher wrote on my report card that “Ronald daydreams all day long” and it’s easy to get lost in whatever catches my attention at the … Continue reading

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