My camera has been gathering dust lately.  I don’t have as much energy for outdoor photos when there’s a foot of snow to trudge through.  So I started experimenting with some new techniques in processing, including something called “tilt-shift”.   On some photos, tilt-shift makes your subject look like miniatures.  It’s achieved with a specialty lens that creates a focus area that resembles a wide band, along with opening up the camera’s aperture for a shallow depth of field.  That’s all more technical than I ever even think about, and I don’t have a tilt-shift lens because they are very expensive.

There’s a web program that simulates the tilt-shift lens.  If you upload a photo, you can adjust the focus band and get a very similar effect…for free.  I took this picture last fall on a trip to the Westside Market with the Confirmation Class.  We ate lunch on the balcony, overlooking the market stalls and shoppers.  The tilt-shift effect makes it appear as if we’re looking down on a toy set.  Click the image to see it larger.  If you read this via email, click here to see the photo on the blog page.


There are some great examples of tilt-shift in this magazine article, and others in Flickr.

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