Taking a sympathy scoop

“Prodigal Jon” writes a blog called Stuff Christians Like, and it’s full of snarky humor pointed at the things that modern Christianity seems attached to.  It’s written lovingly from a believer’s point of view, but still manages to deconstruct those sacred cows we seem to hold dear.

What does one do at a church potluck when there’s an obviously bad dish on the table?  A caring friend might take a sympathy scoop:

My favorite part of a Pot Luck is the way that the grossest dish is so quickly identified. No one ever calls out the taste offender, but early on in the event, people start to recognize the outcast dish. Even after only a few people have gone through the food line, it becomes easier and easier to see which casserole will be the head engineer on the gross train tonight. It’s not that it won’t be touched or completely ignored. Most of the time, a tiny bit will be scooped out, indicating one of two things:

1. The first person through the line could not determine what was hidden under some gooey, potentially delicious layer of cheese and had to crack the outer hull of the casserole to determine that something funky was lurking within.

2. The first person actually tasted a tiny bit and moved on as fast as they could with as little as they could.

And since this is a Christian event, your heart breaks for this person. Don’t make eye contact with the dish. Love your neighbor by moving down the line. Or at most, give it a sympathy scoop, heaping extra onto your plate, and throw it away later when no one is looking.

But then, what to do if the offending dish is the one YOU brought?

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