“This I Believe”

Public radio provides a wealth of stories that I enjoy and learn from. Some programs I download onto my iPod, but then I forget to listen to them later. I have many of those “driveway moments” that they always talk about during pledge drives, when I’m engrossed in a story and then I arrive home. It’s not uncommon for me to sit in the garage with the engine turned off to hear and absorb the end of the tale.

One of my favorite NPR spots is “This I Believe”, where people share poignant moments of life that lead them to decision points or places of understanding. It’s a very moving moment to hear someone share honestly their beliefs and values. Maybe our world would be more tolerant and accepting if we did this more often.

I just discovered that there’s a “This I Believe” website, where I can read or even listen to the episodes I’ve missed. Here’s a good one: Robbins Milbank shares a kernel of his life story, and offers encouragement for others who have experienced loss.

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