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Bill MillsOn the right side of this blog page is a list of other blogs that I follow and recommend. My friend Bill Mills has started a blog that is sure to be an interesting read. He’s an Eastern Orthodox priest, author of several books (including one coming out next spring), and a wanna-be archeologist.  His blog is called Walking with God, a title which reflects his expertise in Christian spirituality.

Bill became a good friend during my spring journey to the Holy Land.   I joined a small group of travelers from our Holy Land pilgrimage who went with Bill to visit the Bet She’an National Park, an ancient Roman and Egyptian city.  Bill’s enthusiasm for history greatly added to my experience there.

Check out his blogposts through the link provided here.

Walking with God (

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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Ron
    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list. I am planning to update my blog and will add your blog as well. I am just a bit behind. The stuff about the internet is crazy, I read your post a few days ago

    I wish you a great 2010.

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