Is America Too Stupid to Cook?

I learned to cook from watching–and later asking questions of–my mother and grandmothers, all excellent cooks.  That, and a lot of trial-and-error.  I’m no ‘gore-may’, but I can hold my own in the kitchen, and I’m certainly not lacking in caloric intake.  My young-adult kids, however, seem afraid of the kitchen.

Actually, Rob, now living in his own apartment, is attempting more home cooking because he can’t afford to eat out as often.  He’ll occasionally call with “how do I do this?”  or “what ingredients do I need for…”   Katie, I think, might starve without takeout.  She has no interest in cooking anything beyond a grilled cheese sandwich.

I understand not feeling confident in the kitchen, but it’s really not hard to cook.  It does take some time, but the effort and energy–and even the clean-up–are soooo worth it.  Sure, I take shortcuts all the time.  But the joy of pulling together a nice meal for family or friends is a wonderful thing.

Cleveland native and food writer Michael Ruhlman wrote a gently sarcastic blog post about the fear of cooking.


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