Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve always felt comforted by the analogy that  God’s love is like that of a good mother.  That’s probably because I had a good mother.

I’m thankful for my own mother who has taught me much about Christian charity; for my sister who, with no children of her own, has dedicated her life to loving the children God places around her.  There are grandmothers who have been wonderful role models for me, and other women who have been like mothers to me. What a gift they are!

Mothers, of course, come in all flavors…some by grace, some by love.  I’m very mindful of mothers who sacrifice to make life better for their children.  Then there are mothers, like this one, whose hearts are so open that they welcome other children into their hearts and homes.

[link via Rod Dreher]

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Photographer, writer, proud dad, and UCC pastor.
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