What’s happened to Potluck?

The posts are pretty sporadic–almost nil–these days. I haven’t had the energy to write blog posts, since much of my daily work involves writing. The blog is simply not feeling like the outlet it was when I began it three-plus years ago. Meanwhile, technology continues to change, and I find myself more connected to others through newer forms of social media than a rather static blog allows.  I have a Facebook page of my own, and do occasional posts there, along with developing the growing presence of the church’s Facebook “business page”. Facebook has some downside issues to it, but I’ve found a wider audience there, and it’s much more interactive.

I’m not abandoning the blog yet.  I’ll probably continue to post occasional videos, photos and interesting tidbits that I run across, or at least cross-post them with Facebook. Thanks for checking in, reading and watching, and for your valued comments.

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Photographer, writer, proud dad, and UCC pastor.
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