India Update

It’s late Tuesday night as I write this, and I’m way too tired to attempt anything eloquent.  But in the past few days, our group has experienced things I never dreamed possible:

  • spent time with the 200 children of Family Village Farm orphanage, including beautiful Devi, the girl our church sponsors.
  • rode the school bus with the community children who attend the King’s Matriculation School to see their homes and villages, most of which are thatched roof huts
  • cut the ribbon for the opening of a new dormitory for a rural nursing school
  • received gracious honors from several villages we visited to give support and encouragement to community projects like wells for irrigation
  • met a young man with physical challenges who has recently completed his B.A. degree because of a Global Ministries scholarship and who plays on the state cricket team.
  • drank coconut water from a green coconut and ate the gel-like “meat” to provide electrolytes to our diet
  • visited the Christian Medical College and several rural hospitals made possible by the vision and support of Christians around the world
  • preached at the Good Shepherd Church in Chennai on Sunday where the overflow crowd watched on closed circuit television
  • ate amazing foods that I can barely describe, much less identify
  • saw beauty in some very unexpected places.

I’ll try to post some photos, and next time I get internet access, I’ll give a bit more description. Our group is doing well…it’s been a very demanding trip, and worth every effort.


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