Notes from India

Yet another exhausting and exhilarating day in India as we wind down our mission exploration trip.  Today we

  • ate breakfast crepes filled with freshly grated coconut
  • toured two housing rehabilitation projects for victims of the 2004 tsunami (photo left)
  • visited a mass grave where hundreds were buried after the tsunami in which 225,000 died
  • enjoyed fresh coconut milk and  banana cashew bread made by the rehab villagers who welcomed us by anointing our foreheads with Indian spices and placing on our shoulders ceremonial shawls
  • watched women make rope from coconut fiber
  • drove through acres of rubber trees, mango groves, coconut palms, and banana trees
  • prayed with the residents of an HIV-AIDS home
  • were serenaded by students at the community college run by the Sisters of Notre Dame (who also have Chardon, Ohio connections)
  • enjoyed modern and folk dancing and singing from a group of nursing and engineering students and shared a meal together with them and our host family.

Tomorrow morning we depart the southern tip of India for a day in Mumbai, more commonly known as Bombay.  I’ve been asked to preach there on Sunday, then we’ll have a final afternoon of touring before departing for home.

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