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I don’t use the texting feature on my phone very often.  I will send my kids a quick note via text or share a picture with them, but few of my friends text with any regularity.  The younger generation uses it extensively, though, and I hear that it’s not unusual for a teen to send over 3,000 texts per month.  A text may be one word, or a TTYL-type acronym (meaning “talk to you later”), or a complete sentence, but texting is the primary method of communication for many young people.

In India, I saw people with cell phones all across the country, in huge cities and in rural villages.  Cell phones are relatively cheap to purchase and operate in India, and there are over 12 major service providers.  I’m not sure if it’s the competition that keeps things cheap, but, whatever the reason, it makes for an affordable means of contact for millions there, even the poor. Still, the data is stunning:

48 million people worldwide have cell phones but no electricity, often charging their phones with car batteries.


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