Sabbatical begins: Los Angeles

One of the highlights of my sabbatical is the opportunity to spend time with my adult children Rob and Kate. Both live far from home, so time together is always precious. Since one is in Los Angeles and the other is in Texas, we planned a trip to meet in LA and travel together to Hawaii.

A night in The City of Angels gave us an opportunity to reconnect, do some sightseeing, and enjoy a nice dinner out. But by mid-afternoon, after a half day of travel for me and Rob, we were hungry and I was longing for a quick trip to In-N-Out Burger. Kate and her boyfriend Ryan know special off-the-menu items to create great meal, and we indulged heartily.

LA dinnerThe evening dinner was planned for a new spot in Hollywood in a rooftop restaurant. We enjoyed fantastic views there with the iconic Hollywood sign in the distant hills, but the food and service were disappointing. Nevermind though, since the afternoon burgers did the trick. One other note: though the restaurant was only 8 miles from Kate’s home, we opted to take an Uber ride since the small fare was significantly less than the cost of parking. I’m learning new things from these urbanite young adults.

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