Lima, Peru: Our final stop

Spelled the same but pronounced differently than the Ohio city, Lima is the capital of Peru. I can’t say it’s an exciting place to visit–the taxi driver told us on arrival that the sun never shines in Lima and so far it’s true. But we did walk to the Pacific Ocean, stroll through endless tourist markets filled with alpaca knitware, items of silver, artwork and ceramics, and taste some of the local delicacies. I’ve had braised alpaca for dinner, crunched on a sticky, intensely orange-glazed pastry in the park, experienced a wonderful ceviche dish, but (as of this writing) have not yet tried the traditional roast guinea pig.

Lima is grey overhead, but street sweepers and landscapers keep everything on the ground neat and tidy. Traffic is beyond congested and smog is omnipresent. Maybe that’s why Lima is known as a foodie capital–people keep their heads down and enjoy the sights and aromas of what’s on their plates.


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