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Why I don’t buy lottery tickets

There are millions of reasons why winning a lottery would be fantastic.  I do occasionally fantasize about the great things I would do with a big win: pay off my mortgage, make life easier for my kids, donate substantial sums … Continue reading

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Virtual choir, real music

The internet can bring people together in very interesting ways.  This virtual gathering of choir geeks is the result of auditions through webcams for music selected and conducted on video.  Those selected recorded their parts following the direction of the … Continue reading

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An idea that just needs to happen

Wind turbines mounted on roadway lights, powered by the wind of cars rushing past. I was on a stretch of highway late at night recently where the lights were not working.  There was a snow storm, and I could hardly … Continue reading

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In the Travel section

It’s been a rough week, but here’s a bright spot.  The Cleveland newspaper, The Plain Dealer, picked up one of my Holy Land photos to include in their Travel section.  If you have the Sunday paper (July 5), it’s on … Continue reading

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Sign of the times

Yes, it’s a joke.  Available for purchase on  I’m thinking about ordering one for those busy weekends when parking at church is nearly impossible!

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Just do it…

It’s the beauty of the American electoral system. Ignore the biting television ads, the postcards, the last minute rallies, the robo-calls, and the newspaper hits. Kids from Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy have got it right: “You can vote however you … Continue reading

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Snow days

  Teachers and students huddled around TV sets in the early morning hours the past two days, hoping and praying their school system had called a snow day. For Olmsted Falls schools, there were two in a row. The church … Continue reading

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Update on TV converters

I’ve learned that if you subscribe to cable, your older TV will work just fine.  Apparently the cable companies convert the signal for you, and you won’t need a digital converter.  About the only folks who will need the converter … Continue reading

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About the banner

I was overwhelmed by the number of volunteers and the amount of food collected at Olmsted Falls’ annual “Turkey Hunt” food collection for the needy. Tables were piled with canned and boxed foods that will go to needy families in … Continue reading

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L’shanah tovah

It’s not a name; it’s a greeting, meaning “for a good year.”  Happy new year to our Jewish brothers and sisters!  It’s Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of a new year in the Jewish culture.  I was privileged to attend Rosh … Continue reading

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Lunch on the rocks

I brought my lunch to work today, taking a break at noon to explore the river in the church’s backyard. Olmsted church is perched at the intersection of the Rocky River (west branch) and Plum Creek. Descending the stairs into … Continue reading

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