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What’s a beignet?

If you’ve wondered about those perfectly puffy New Orleans delicacies, the food blog One Perfect Bite, has the full scoop. The writer politely asked to use one of my photos of Cafe du Monde, the iconic coffee shop where the … Continue reading

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Winning, losing: Football and life

I consider myself to be a somewhat non-competitive guy. ¬†I like to win, to persuade, to be on top of any issue, but not at the expense of another. ¬†Football has never been of much interest to me since it … Continue reading

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The City that Care Forgot

It’s nickname was an advertising slogan to entice visitors in the 1930s, but New Orleans is a “city that care forgot” in more ways than one. I’m home for a few days to visit with family, and had a couple … Continue reading

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